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Creation of a custom showcase website

Creation of a custom website to showcase your company’s activities and products.

Redesign of an e-commerce website

Website redesign, especially in the case of e-commerce websites, allows to improve the graphics.

Developing a mobile application

It is a branch that focuses on the implementation of mobile applications.

Responsive design – Mini website

A mini website is a responsive design that can adapt to different screen sizes and layouts.

A good ranking of your website on search engines allows you a better visibility on the web.

SEO optimization is a job that requires expertise and technicality. This work should preferably be done from the technical design of the site or as part of your marketing strategy.

By optimizing your site, it gains places and therefore visibility and new customers.

The bases of a good SEO are the relevance and quality of your content, user experience (UX Design), site speed, internal and external links and authority.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO


The SEM, our secrets for optimizing social media

Conquer social media! As part of a social media strategy, boost your company’s notoriety and visibility through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…) and take care of your visual identity on the web.


Your community manager must be good at getting people to react positively to your brand.


Tips, tricks and indispensable tools to effectively market online and approach prospects.

User and
customer experience

It is essential to focus on the user and customer experience: UX and CX for those familiar with these techniques.


Inbound Marketing
for businesses

Inbound marketing consists of applying a content strategy that allows you to convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Inbound marketing allows you to attract the buyer’s attention, generate qualified leads, generate sustainable results and prospect 24/7. A webdesign agency uses web technologies to achieve these goals.


Project management and web optimization

The success of a web project is strongly influenced by its piloting and management. From graphic design to ergonomic design through SEO, a web project owes its success to the organization.

  • Definition of precise and achievable objectives
  • Co-creation practice
  • Definition of a dashboard and monitoring of KPIs
  • Realization of a regular project follow-up

The particularity of web project management is that it requires as much rigor as creativity. Whether it is for the creation of a website (merchant site, catalogue site, e-shop), blog creation or even graphic design (logo creation, graphic charter, etc…) Everything must be prepared in advance! You must plan everything in your digital strategy in advance.