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    Mortgage Brokers and the Internet

    The Internet is a great enabler for those customers who are searching for a mortgage broker, but unfortunately those same customers are not fully aware that they are being very restricted in who they find when they search. The reason for this is one of the fascinating aspects of Internet search, as almost 96% of all searches on Google end up by visiting the web pages that appear on page one of their search, and all those web pages that appear on page 2 and beyond get to share less than 4% of the total Internet search traffic.

    This is a fairly standard rule right across the Internet, and comparatively speaking only a small percentage of companies on the Internet have mastered the art of getting themselves onto page 1 and even better into the number 1 or number 2 search slot.

    This is absolutely the case for mortgage brokers Taranaki, where a small group of generally large brokers own the first 2 or 3 positions on page 1 of any Google search for mortgage brokers. This very advantageous positioning has not come cheaply, as it requires a substantial investment upfront and ongoing in SEO, and a substantial investment in their website to make sure they optimise conversions to get customers to contact them..

    The rewards for these companies however are fairly impressive, as by simply ranking number 1 or number 2 on page one they can guarantee that they will be winning at least 100 times more business then the mortgage broking companies that are on page 2 or beyond. Indeed, these companies are winning so much business that they can afford to be very ruthless about which customers they choose to do business with, and they almost always use administration staff to pre-screen calls to make certain that only customers that are guaranteed to get a mortgage are passed through for service.

    The irony for the customers searching on the Internet is that if their mortgage problem is slightly unusual then they will almost always be quickly rejected as a client with the strong implication that they should look elsewhere. In the case of New Zealand elsewhere generally means those mortgage brokers Gisborne that do not appear on page 1 and are therefore a lot more motivated to gain new clients and will take a lot more effort to try and solve the clients problems. For these brokers they are generally surviving on referrals and repeat business, and so it is vital for them that they give good service. However it is equally ironic that these brokers who generally do give excellent service are also the hardest to find by customers searching on the Internet.

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